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Flensted Mobiles

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  • Flensted Balloon Mobile 5

    Five balloons in beautiful bright colours, adding life to every room. The festive balloon-mobile is inspired by the "Montgolfières" of the 18th century and modern hot air balloons of today.  Design: Christian Flensted Size: 50 x 65 cm Material: Cardboar..
  • Flensted Moomin Mobile

    This fascinating Flensted Mobile is a delight for every Moomin fan. The fine yellow box contains a map over Moomin valley and 12 Moomin characters to hang on the mounted clamps. A booklet on the characters and the story behind the Moomin world is also enclosed in the box. Design: Tove Janss..
  • Flensted Elephant Party

    These three brightly colored elelphants make a perfect baby gift. Made of colored plastic shapes. Hangs 14" tall by 25" wide. Each elephant hangs 6.5" tall by 8" wide. Comes fully assembled. Handmade in Denmark. ..
  • Flensted Scandinavian Swans

    An elegant and beautiful mobile with five white swans, symbolizing the nations of Scandinavia. Design: Christian Flensted Size: 55 x 45 cm Material: Cardboard ..
  • Flensted Sheep Mobile

    Four white sheep - and the inevitable black one - in constant motion. The mobile is very calming and lovely in a bedroom. If you cannot sleep, you will definetely be sleeping 5 minutes after watching this mobile in subdued light. Design: Christina Parrett + Ole Flensted Size: ..