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  • Tech Will Save Us DIY Speaker Kit

    Amplify your world by turning an object you love into a unique and portable speaker. 1 MAKE THE HEART OF YOUR SPEAKER   Make your amplifier by soldering diodes, resistors and capacitators. You will need tools, Soldering Iron, 9V batteries and 2 hours. 2 EXPERIMENT WITH..
  • Tech Will Save Us DIY Synth Kit

    Discover the joys of electronic music by building your own synthesizer! 1 MAKE YOUR SYNTHESIZER FROM SCRATCH  Follow the manual and connect the parts together. 2 PLAY YOUR SYNTH AND CREATE THE NEXT BIG HIT  Experiment with pitch, frequency and volume to make e..
  • Tech Will Save Us DIY Gamer Kit

    Make it. Play it. Hack it. Code it. Then enjoy the games you invented on the console you built. 1 MAKE YOUR GAMER FROM SCRATCH  Learn about electronics and technology by soldering and assembling all the parts by yourself using our manual. You will also need soldering Iron, wire cuter, 9..