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  • Shusha Fairy tales

    A fabulous block kit which allows children to create their favorite fairytale characters from a variety of colourful shapes and body parts: Little Red Riding Hood and the Wolf, Prince on Horseback, Princess, Wizard, Evil Queen, Mermaid and a lot more!  They can also use their imagination and cr..
    HK$574 HK$820
  • Shusha Landscape

    Children create charming scenery from a variety of multicolored shapes. Different landscapes, cities and towns in any season and at any time of the day can be made: a bright sunny autumn day in a small town, a Christmas market in a city, a sea sunset or a sunrise and many other variants. An edu..
    HK$574 HK$820
  • Shusha Moon & Stars

    Children try to place the stars onto the swaying moon. Whoever manages to balance all the stars on the moon wins the game! The kit consists of an elegantly painted sleeping moon and 18 matching stars of 3 different sizes. The game helps to develop the fine motor skills and the sense of balance...
    HK$406 HK$580
  • Shusha People

    Kids can combine the parts over and over again creating an endless array of caracters. The set consists of 24 colorful shapes and body parts. An entertaining game which encourages imagination and creativity.  All the parts are made from solid beech wood and painted in non-toxic paints. AG..
    HK$686 HK$980
  • Shusha Seasons

    Select details and create the four seasons! Insert leaves, berries, snowflakes, birds and flowers into the tree. Learn the signs of the seasons and how they change. What time of the year is now? AGE : 3+ MATERIAL : birch plywood BOX SIZES : 33×33×9 см PIECES : 3..
    HK$644 HK$920